“Let Me Marry Him” 19-Year Old Girl, Onuh Chisom Expresses Interest In Anambra’s Demented ‘Child Bride’ Groom

One man’s meat is another man’s poison as 19-year old Nigerian girl, Onuh Chisom
has expressed her interest in marrying Izuchukwu Igwilo, the supposedly demented 56-year old man whose family allegedly paid the family of 15-year old Chinwe from Anambra to marry their demented relative. You may read Chinwe’s story here, here, and here.

Following the update from #RetrieveChinwe mandate, Maryjane, who is irritated at Nigerians for hurling insults at the Igwilos has  signified her interest in marrying their relative, Izuchukwu only if certain conditions are met.

In her poorly written English, Maryjane is asking that Izuchukwu’s rich family members set up a business for her, buy her a car and credit her account with money.

Read her submission below:

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“Since u people doesn’t want him to marry a 15 year old girl,fine
Bring him to me let him marry a 19 yrs old girl
If u people doesn’t want him,i want me
Somepeople are wicked,they don’t want him to enjoy what other s are enjoying,people should stop insulting him,any ways that girl no fine at all and am finer than her,
I also heard that his brother Is rich,that good to know, but before i marry him, their must buy me a car,credit my account and open up a business for me
Pls am interested in him”

Photos: Young girl declares interest in man with down syndrome who married 15-year-old girl in Ozubulu, says people should stop insulting him




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As could be expected, Nigerians aren’t cutting Maryjane some slacks at all.

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