American Mum Sides With Her Boyfriend Against Her Teenage Daughter And Social Media Users Are Enraged

Should the selfish adult needs of a mother blind her from exercising her most powerful instinct of parental care for her child is a question that social media users are grappling with after a video of a mum dismissing her teenage daugther’s complain of molestation by her mother’s boyfriend went viral.

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The unidentified mother in the video seemed totally unshaken by her daughter’s troubled voice as she narrated that, Drew, her mother’s boyfriend had been molesting her.

The video which was apparently recorded by the girl did not reveal her face either, but as she opened up to her mother about the ongoing abuse, her mother accused her of eyeing her man, insisting “He’s a good man”.

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In the viral video online, the girl complained to her mother that Drew, was in her room again and touched her in inappropriate places, but her mother completely flipped the narrative, blaming her teenage daughter for always walking about in bum shorts, trying to seduce him.

The video was first shared on Facebook by motivational speaker and activist, Tory Lowe, and he states that the video is in fact a reenactment of familiar situations that play around us. Read what he wrote below:

“16 years old exposes mothers boyfriend who has been molesting her, but mother doesn’t believe her is based on a true story of a young woman that was one of the 163 missing girls I have assisted in finding in the city of Milwaukee.

When I located this young lady she told me what was going on in her home. When she told me the story of how her mother didn’t believe her when she tried to tell what was going on in the home it left me speechless. We have to bring awareness to situations like this.

I immediately called authorities and handled the situation.”

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Social media users are appalled by the mother’s reaction to her daughter being abused and they’ve said Child Protective Service needs to get in and take the 16-year-old girl away from her mother.

See screenshot of some reactions below:

Watch video below:

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