Vice-President, Yemi Osinbajo’s Daughter Has A Word For Those Who Are Disappointed That Her Dad Survived The Helicopter Crash

Last week, the Vice president of Nigeria, professor Yemi Osinbajo, and nine others survived  a helicopter crash that  could have been fatal. The helicopter conveying the VP crash landed in Kabba area of Kogi state on his way to attend a  political engagement.

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Nigeria is in election season and emotions are tense, with the wide population of citizens clearly divided along political lines, some in support of the ruling APC, and about a matching size of the population in support of the lead opposition party, PDP.

Elections come with name calling and mudslinging in Nigeria, and this election year is no different. Although family members and supporters of the VP’s party may be happy over his survival; it is bad news for some citizens who in the spirit of their political leanings find his survival offensive.

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Among the nine other persons on board was the vice president’s sibling, of same mother and father. Some Nigerians have expressed disappointment that the helicopter crash did not have a fatal ending and Kiki, the VP’s daughter spotted one such comment.

She shared a screenshot of the abusive comments on her Instastory and shared a word of prayer. She wrote:

 ‘People can be so heartless and all  I pray is God has mercy on them’

See screenshot below:

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