MIM Inspiring Series: My Story As A Desperado In Search Of A Husband

I was a desperado in search of a husband but today, I’m telling a different story.

I had always wanted to get married early but I didn’t quite like the kind of men who were coming my way. I’ve always loved being classy and principled and I wanted someone like that but the guys who showed interest in me were nothing of that sort. It’s either they were classy or lacked principles or the other way round. It made me so sad and worried. I started to think that there was something wrong in me.

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That’s how I entered one chance with a married man unknown to me. I didn’t know he was married because he removed his ring and took me to his house. I saw a woman’s picture and a baby but he told me that she was his sister. I didn’t have a reason to suspect him because he seemed principled. It was when the relationship was getting so intense and I was on the verge of introducing him to my mum that he told me the truth. I was in shock for weeks but I ended that chapter.

When I was in the University, I met someone who wasn’t that principled and classy in any way but I ended up giving him a chance to become my boyfriend because I thought I couldn’t get better. He was a good guy, don’t get me wrong but looking back, I shouldn’t have done some things that I did with him like losing my virginity to him.

I ended up breaking up with him because he started talking about me behind my back to my friend. I can’t stand betrayal, especially from someone so close home. So, I became single again.

 I so wanted to be with someone and be happy. It didn’t help when my friends were getting married even when we were in school. The funny thing is my family didn’t put me under any pressure. This pressure was self inflicted.

I graduated and my desperation became worse but thank God for my ability to listen. I listened to a friend of mine who was married and told me not to be in a hurry to settle down because when I do, I could have regrets. She told me that she wished she had taken her time. That got to me.

I decided to put my energy into my work instead of thinking about men and it paid off. I climbed to the top really fast and earned the respect of my bosses. Then came this guy who seemed to have class and principles. Little did I know that he was a fluke. I fell for him, hard and fast and of course, he broke my heart in many places. I was devastated and I almost couldn’t function any longer. I cried every single day and every where. The hard part was that we worked not in the same office but in the same industry and I had to endure seeing and hearing of him every now and then.

I decided to recoil back into my shell and nurse my pain while throwing all my energy into my work and developing and refining myself.

One day, in that same work environment, I met him, the man who is now my husband and has been for 11  years now. He was a client, a high profile one. He was everything I wanted and so much more. He had it all: class, some principles, money and loves me to death. Where he was lacking in principles, he allowed me to teach him. We’ve been married with children and have achieved so much together.

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This is to encourage and inspire you to keep your eyes fixed on your goals while you work on yourself. Maybe if my husband had met me earlier, he may not have shown as much interest in me as he did after I had worked on myself.

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  • This is just wat i needed to encourage me bcoz it seems like i have a problem nw, God bless the founder of this platform you are touching lives

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