Effa Epelle Cristie Takes To Twitter To Seek A Husband For Her Widowed Mom, See Her Specs| Photos

The social media commands a great level of Influence which if put to proper use, could give great cushioned effects.

A Nigerian lady, Effa Epelle Cristie has taken to Twitter to seek a husband for her beautiful 45-year old widowed mom-of-1. Giving her specs for the kind of man she wants for her mom, she stylishly threw in her ‘market’ under the pretense of needing to raise money for a befitting attire for the role of a chief bridesmaid.

Sharing lovely photos of her mom, Effa tweeted:

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“Hi, Meet my Mum. She’s 45 years old, widowed, Christian, and gainfully employed. Also, she has just me ????, and I’m on a mission to match-make her with one amazing and lucky man. Prospective suitor must be 45 and above, gainfully employed a Christia.(widower, divorced or never”

“been married), and kids? very welcome because I need me some siblings. Twitter family do your thing ???????? Kindly RT Guys. Her husband might be on your timeline…”

“Since y’all are already here, please I am into branding, I make customized magic mug, throw pillow, key holders, books etc! please patronize me as I need to start saving money for chief bridesmaid Cloth, taink you.”

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When asked if her mom was aware of her post on Twitter, Effa said she doesn’t though she is down with the idea of remarrying. She opined she is doing her bit for her mom by tweeting on it.

Effa’ tweet has gained a lot of RT and ‘suitors’ are already coming forward to declare their interests.

Let’s see how this goes!

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