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Dear MIMSters: How Do I Make My Sister Retrace Her Step?

How do I make my sister retrace her step?

My elder sister had five daughters whose lifestyles give the whole family concerns. They are between the ages of 25 and 15. Sister mi does not see anything wrong with her daughters’ lifestyle and she would fight anyone who tries to make her see her errors, to a stand still.

There is an adage in my place that translates this way: “Saying shame has caught up with my friend but I am exempted is a fallacy.”
I know some people would ask me to leave my sister and nieces to live their lives as they please but who gets to clean up their mess at the end of the day?

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My brother-in law (Sister mi’s husband) has also given up on his family and I hear from the grapevine that his people are planning to get him a young girl to marry and raise children with, without Sister mi knowing.

Shame will make me unable to describe my nieces with the appropriate names for their lifestyles. They are into it full scale, and most of the people they follow are married men which their mother sees as no big deal. Truth be told, they are beautiful girls but wouldn’t beauty finish some day?

With the help of Sister mi, these girls do not regard anyone who cautions them; their father included. If there’s a family function nd my nieces attend, the men that would come with each of them today would be different from the ones they would bring to the next family function. Haba!

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I started my story by using the word ‘had’ and I am sure someone would have thought I made a mistake No, I didn’t! Three years ago we lost the eldest of my nieces in a most shameful way such that we had to bury her in a hush-hush manner.

She was reported to have left the house with her customs officer sugar daddy but was found dead in a hotel room somewhere in Abuja, the following day. The custom officers that took her out was in Lagos when she died in Abuja. How did that happen? We found out that the man’s driver had dropped her off at the local airport because she told him she was having a family function in Abuja the very next day. The man was even said to have proposed going with her but she reportedly told him her dad would throw a fit if she brought a man to the event, so he had stayed back.

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It was a very sad period in our family. She was 21-years old when she died. And one would have thought Sister mi should know better now. Her last daughter who is 15 already shows worse character than her older ones. I once proposed she moved in with me but sister mi would not hear it. She asked me why I would want to do her job when it is not that she was dead.

Hmm! I fear for these girls. I once told them no man would marry them with this lifestyle of theirs and can you just imagine their response to me?

“Aunty mi, who told you we want to get married? Marriage is slavery ooo!”

I feel really concerned. What more can I do, please?

Thank you, MIM.

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