“Izu Must Be My Husband Before Easter…” Onuh Chisom Insists On Marrying Unstable Groom In Anambra Childbride Case

At this point,  it is no longer clear whether to take 19-year-old Chisom MaryJane, seriously or to just sit back and have a good laugh at her seeming charade. Until about two weeks ago, Chisom was a fairly unknown girl but somehow, she has managed to become a newsmaker after the news went viral of an underaged girl, who was betrothed to an alleged mentally unstable man, by the name Izuchukwu Igwilo, read here.

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Chisom out of nowhere, has made herself the star in this seeming circus, after claiming that public outrage against the marriage was unjust, and that people did not want Izuchukwu to enjoy what other people were enjoying only because of his mental state; she therefore offered to marry him, after human rights group, championed the process that saw Chinwe’s marriage to Izu dissolved and the girl returned to her parents.

Chisom has now given herself an ultimatum to be married to the man at the centre of this story, and it coincides with the forthcoming Easter celebration  . She took to Facebook to call to the family of Izuchukwu to come seek her kingsmen’s blessings and ask her hand in marriage. She further said that if her family tarried, she would go with the family of Izuchukwu of her own freewill.

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Chisom really considers herself a hero in this matter and insists she will prove to the world by her action that Izu’s physical challenge is not a barrier to having a good life.

Read what she wrote below:

“Prové me write or wrong call me anything you wish all I know is my kingamen Will receive izuchukwu igwilo family or I go with them free minded .want to prove The whole world that having physical challenge is not a barrier for having a good life Every body want.am still waiting for the family to respond for my request ,
Izu u must be my husband,my world ,love whether people like it or not
Easter will not pass me Amen”

See sceenshot below:


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