Why South African Dad-Of-1, Abraham Mothiba Thinks He Owes His Son An Apology Is Heart-Stirring

On “O jewa ke eng?” challenge, a South African man, Abraham Mothiba, 26, opened up on how his separation from his wife has affected him. The dad-of-1 who acknowledged that his 3-year old son, Bohlale is happiest when he was with him and his wife, posited that he feels he owes his son an apology for making his marriage fail.

Sharing lovely photos of his now estranged family, Mothiba admitted that the separation was his fault and expressed his fears at their son not growing up with both parents.

He tweeted:

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“Bohlale is at his happiest with mommy and daddy, now that we are no longer together I feel like I owe him an apology. Even if I buy him expensive things, take him to an expensive school ???? nothing will come close to growing up with both parents ????????????????

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Twitter users reacted to his post in varying ways. See some of the reactions below:

“I don’t know how I bumped unto this tweet. I’m in the same situation but I trying my best to make it work… I want our baby to have a happy family ????

“If the relationship wasn’t working and you guys recognized that before it could become dysfunctional and ruin him, you have done more than enough, you’ve taught him that a healthy family is better than an unhealthy lie. Do not apologize for teaching him to self care.”

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