‘Dear Men, Your Problems Will Beat You…”-Ex-Presidential Aide And Dad-Of-Two, Reno Omokri Addresses Men

Author and dad-of-two, pastor Reno Omokri has addressed men in a new Twitter post under his signature hashtag #RenosNuggets. In the new post, the ex-presidential aide and marriage counselor told men what to avoid if they do not wish to be overcome by their problems in life.

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Reno who is obviously passionate about healthy relationships often shares some marital wisdom on his Twitter handle, and this time he chose to address men who beat their wives. The social critic as part of his regular nuggets lectured men on the dangers of beating their wives.

He said, beyond the crying eyes of a woman, her heart cries out to God who will then hold erring men to account. He further said, men who beat their wives will not overcome their problems in life.

He wrote:

“Dear men,

When you beat your wife, it is not only her eyes that cries. More importantly, her heart cries out to God

and you will not be held guiltless. You cannot beat your wife and expect to beat problems in life.

You beat her and your problems will beat you.”

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