Unlucky In Love, Nollywood Actress Toyin Abraham, Tells The Sort Of Man She Is Seeking For A Fresh Start

Love can be truly rewarding for those who find it, little wonder everyone wants a fair share of it. Many will travel far or wide, provided that they would find a true and lasting love. But love can be so elusive and even if you are deserving, that is no guarantee that it will perch like a butterfly on your shoulder, so you can dance happily with it on a sunny day in a lush field. Stuff of fairy tales.

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Nollywood Actress Toyin Abraham’s many woes when it comes to love is no secret; from a short-lived marriage to fellow actor, Adeniyi Johnson to a thorny relationship with Seun Egbegbe, who brought nothing but public ridicule to the actress with his dirty dealings.

Toyin’s marriage did not just collapse like a pack of cards, it went down with a lot of embarrassing details and name calling between herself and her estranged husband.

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But the actress turned the corner, took off her boxing gloves and started to avoid controversy like plague; focusing on her career and lending her voice to social causes including lifting the downtrodden.

It doesn’t however take long before the heart starts to yearn for affection, and it looks like the actress is ready to give love another try as she took to her Instagram to reveal the kind of man she desires and it is not a perfect man, a honest one will do.

The actress wrote:

It’s so funny when you get hurt or abused so much,

you can finally say I’m used to it????‍♀️????‍♀️.

I don’t want a perfect friend/man.

I want an honest friend/man????????.

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