How Laura Ikeji’s Seemingly Innocent Intentions Led To War On Her Instagram Page

When Nigerian fashion blogger and entrepreneur, Laura Ikeji-Kanu, 30, took to her Instagram page to ask her over 1.3 million followers to ask her anything, she couldn’t have envisaged the kind of questions hurled at her.

Now, because she had added a caveat that she would answer as sincerely as possible, she was left with no other option than to fulfill her promise and that seem to have landed her in some ‘hot soup.’

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The mom-of-1’s teeming followers asked her questions varying from how she made it in business judging by her humble background, to how she juggles it all together, and as could be expected, some solicited for financial ‘rewards’ from her. However, one question stood out and changed the narrative.

A follower @aloyjessy wrote:

“Why you and Amara Kanu not following each other and even not relating to each other……”

And as promised, Laura Ikeji answered as sincerely as possible:

@aloyjessy We are not friends”

Then all hell broke lose!

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See some of the reactions that followed Laura’s sincere response to the question.

“@aloyjessy that’s not true laura’s husband stole Ticket to a show and posted it online meanwhile the tickets were bought by Kalu for his kids . Oh Laura is pained cos Amara called her out on SM ( I don’t think is fair though) ????????”

@melanoevents the truth is that Laura’s hubby @ogbobekee1 is jobless and totally dependent on his big brother then in london @kingkanu4 so when @amarakanu called him out for stealing her son’s ticket to watch a Match posing as if he bought it himself on IG, Laura got angry. It is the same reason, laura asked her hubby to return to Nigeria. Presently, @ogbobekee1 is stil jobless, but this time Laura feeds, clothes and house him. Please Laura find ur darling hubby ur job. He poses upandan wit u on IG photos cos he is idle. U are free to block me. Who cares?

“I’m so so disappointed with ur response about not bin friends with ur in law…there r things u shouldn’t say publicly……mind u @amarakanu Is better than u in every aspect of life….u just try”

“@lauraikeji this is a wrong choice of words about your family member, I don’t know what @divaasoblessed wrote but you should have ignored it instead of saying this. @amarakanu is a legend with her husband, there will be no history without her husband. So please no matter what ever it is try and settle or better still ignore some sensitive questions from people. God bless you both. #familyforever”

“@annaguaz7 why would he steal their ticket when he can afford more, kanu probably gave it to him. And you can’t be friends with someone that called ur husband out on Sm. she has no respect for her brother in law.”

@lauraikeji Laura dearie I admire you a lot and I love you and Amara. In as much as I like the sincerity in this comment, I think a perfect answer would have been “we must not follow or relate with each other”. I know you are a straight forward person, but I will rather you apply diplomacy sometimes for peace sake. Thank you.

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Well, as can be seen below, there is always a silver lining in every cloud:

@lauraikeji wow ,what a sincere response.My heart melted for this ur response.I pray God gives u two the heart to understand and get along with each oda

“I just wish to say that you and your sisters are an inspiration to young ladies.Whenever I feel like the road is becoming tough, I say to myself if Linda, Laura and Sandra can rise from nothing to wealth through hardwork and constant showing up, then babe yours is coming soonest.Keep being a model for having your own money as a woman.Love you big sis????????”


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