25 And Living With Your Parents? High Ranking Nigerian Police Officer, M. Adamu Has A Message For You

A high ranking young officer of the Nigerian Police Force (NPF), identified by his name tag M. Adamu took to social media to bare his mind on the circumstance of being 25-year-old or older and living comfortably with one’s parents.

Beyond fighting crime, the young officer obviously has strong views about social order and appropriateness and has word for 25-year-olds who live with their parents, they may not approve; but the officer has spoken, regardless.

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After his video went  viral, social media users have claimed that Adamu is a privileged kid who can not identify with the daily struggles of the average Nigerian youth, and therefore has no moral justification to even broach the subject.

In the viral video, Adamu said any Nigerian who is up to the age of 25 and stays in their parents house is a failure in life. He made no exceptions or excuses for those within the age group.

“If you are a Nigerian and you are up to 25 years and upwards

and you are still staying in your parents house then you are a failure in life”.

We do not know what informed the officer’s outburst but we do know that opportunities are not equally distributed in life, it takes some people longer than others, taking longer than others to achieve a thing does not equal failure by any means, just as finishing first does not guarantee excellence.

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Social media is a great outlet for diverse opinions and while everyone’s view is to be respected, it is important to see how wrong expectations and uninformed perceptions can threaten the society’s stability.

The quest to move away from home, live large and meet up with unrealistic standards is the exact reason why Nigerian youngsters are trying their hands on every get-rich-quick scheme they find; the result of which is crime that officers like Adamu are supposed to be working round the clock to curb.

See video below :


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