OAP Toke Makinwa Reacts To Feminist Twist To The Viral Video Of Nigerian Wife Publicly Eulogising Her Husband

If you want to witness the full extent of the wrath of Nigerian feminists in a largely patriarchal country as Nigeria, Twitter is the place to be. There is a strong tendency that many Nigerian women fear to express their genuine views to avoid the ‘stigma’ of being labelled feminist or unfit for marriage. Yes, you read right, there is stigma for feminism and for the wrong reasons too.

On Twitter however, Nigerian feminists who are obviously not fazed by the stigmatisation or how their views are received online or offline, and the men who seem to have been awoken by a sudden wave of ‘irritating’ questions and opinions that these feminists raise on a daily basis slug it out every single day.

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It is not uncommon for either side of the divide to take a random occurrence and make an elaborate argument of it in favour of or against feminism.

A video went viral yesterday of a Nigerian woman Folashade who went on her knees to publicly shower praises on her husband whom she essentially described as her rock.

Rather than enjoy the video just like everyone else and move on to other discussions, some Twitter users saw their chance to start a feminist debate saying Nigerian feminists must be really offended by Folashade’s gesture, and all other theories to bash the feminists.

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Well, on-air-personality and fashion enthusiast, Toke Makinwa has reacted to such claims. Toke herself has in the past lent her voice to gender sensitive subjects.

She had this to say this time around:

”All the people saying feminist will be mad at the video of the woman on her knees appreciating her king are silly. A woman is an incubator, you get back what you put in. If you love her right she’ll sing your praise anywhere.

When you love a woman right she becomes a 100 times more, treat her like a queen and she’ll give you heaven on earth. Give her hell….., well, go figure”

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