Mum, Omowunmi Taiwo Bankole’s Extreme Method To Treat Son’s Whitlow Backfires

Nigerian mom, Omowunmi Taiwo Bankole, desperate to treat her 2-year old son’s whitlow followed an old old wives tale which crossed a red line.

It can be understood that all that this mum wanted to do was ease her child’s pain. What makes it  worrisome is the method she chose to employ. How does one explain this?

To treat her son’s ailment, Omowunmi dipped her son’s affected finger into her vagina when she assumed he was asleep. But he wasn’t. Like every innocent child most likely would do, he told on his mom when they got to church the next day.

Taking to social media, the mom identified as Omowunmi Taiwo Bankole wrote:

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“To avoid Whitlow on the finger of my little boy of 2yrs, I was to put the finger inside my private part, I didn’t know the boy wasn’t asleep, so I did it. Come see yawa for church the next day when my boy walk u to one of or big mummies in church, showing him the finger and said my mummy put my finger in her bombom, ye mo gbe. Than God she is the one who told me to do it, and they were just like two or three there that day. That boy eh en.”

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As could be expected, people reacted in different ways to her post. See some of the reactions below:

See the shocking outcome after a mother put her 2-year-old son

See the shocking outcome after a mother put her 2-year-old son

As a mom, how do you see this?

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