See Why UK Grandpa, Bobby, Ate Half Bucket Of House Paint

Everybody says kids say and do the darndest things but one grandpa has done the most, after he consumed an entire cup of house paint. The man, identified as Bobby, became a sensation after his granddaughter shared photos of him all stained from the paint alongside what was left of the chemical on Twitter.

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According to his granddaughter, Alex Stein, Bobby consumed half a bucket of paint after mistaking it for yogurt. With evidence of eating paint all over him, Alex shared a photo of Grandpa Bobby appearing to not get what the fuss was about.

Accompanying the photo was her caption: 

“Sooo my grandpa ate half a quart of paint today thinking it was yogurt,”

See screenshot below:

Thankfully, ingesting the chemical did not have a life-threatening effect on him.

His granddaughter posted another picture of her FaceTiming Bobby with the caption:

“Update: his stomach’s completely unfazed.”

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