See Why Man @AHayatu Regrets Not Picking The Phone Call Of His Friend Who Recently Became A Dad

A Nigerian dad took to his Twitter handle @AHayatu  to narrate the heartbreaking story of how he declined to pick his friend’s phone call when it mattered most and how it feels dealing with the guilt, particularly because his friend had a difficult journey to fatherhood.

According to @AHayatu, his friend got married in 2008 but having a child did not come easy for him and his wife as they had to wait 10 years to beget their first child in 2018.

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Hayatu went on to say his friend had just died leaving his wife and 1-year-old child behind, but adding to his anguish is that his friend had called him but he declined to pick his call because he did not think what he had to say was necessary.

Looking back now, he wishes he had picked that call and listened to his friend for the last time. Forgetting how fleeting life can be, too many of us decline to pick phone calls from our loved ones or we just postpone spending time with them.

Hopefully, Hayatu’s loss will remind us to make time for those we love as much as we can.

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Read his full account below:

“My late friend got married in 2008, it took them 10 years to get a child (baby girl). He died yesterday, leaving the wife with a 1-year-old baby. I’m completely heartbroken????

Whenever I remember death, I fear for my little kids; the school, the upbringing, the family outings. Would she remarry? Would the new husband take care of my children like his own? Oh God 

He called to thank me for a little token I transferred to him but I didn’t pick. I told myself, ” he wants to say thank you and there’s no need.” I should’ve picked and listened to his voice for the last time. ????”

See screenshot below:

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