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Media Personality, Toni Tone Gives Sterling Relationship Tips And It Is Worth Reading

Media personality, Toni Tone took to her Twitter page to give sterling relationship tips and we think those tips are worth reading by every one; they will readily come handy in every kinds of relationships you may find yourself.

Read below:

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“Sometimes the pain we experience in different types of relationships doesn’t necessarily come from people actively hurting us, but from us personally over exaggerating the role we play in their lives. Sometimes we just aren’t as important to people as we might assume we are.”

“In these scenarios, the other person may not even be an awful person who harbours ill intent. They just might review your relationship with them differently than you do…and for that reason, they don’t always do the things you want in the way you want.”

“Did they make an active decision to hurt you? No. Are you hurt because you thought you meant more to them than they demonstrated? Yes.”

“It’s painful when you realise that you’re not as important to someone as you assumed you were. It’s also easy to equate your own feelings with the person being an awful person, but that isn’t always the case. That’s why communication in all relationships is so important.”

“Talk to people. Try and gage whether you’re on the same page. Share how you feel, and ask them to share how they feel. Discuss boundaries. Analyse their actions. Don’t just assume people care about you to the level you want them to.”

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