American Actress, Kate Hudson Speaks On Keeping ‘Mother-Father-Child’ Bond Harmonious After A Divorce As She Opens Up On Co-Parenting 3 Kids With 3 Fathers

American actress, Kate Garry Hudson, 39, has opened up on why it’s been easy for her to healthily co-parent her 3 kids, – Ryder, 15, Bingham, 7, and Rani Rose, 5-months with their fathers- ex-husband, Chris Robinson, ex-fiancé, Matt Bellamy and boyfriend, Danny Fujikawa.

In a chat on ‘Divorce Sucks! With Laura Wasser’, the mom-of-3 opined that communication is key. She likewise declared that self-sufficiency has helped her stay on good terms with her kids’ fathers.

She said:

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“I think it’s important for a woman — obviously, for me personally, I am self-sufficient. I do not rely on my partners for any financial stability. I think that allowed me a little bit of freedom … to be a little bit easier for me to walk away from certain relationships and maintain a good relationship with my partners.”

She also expressed her mom, Goldie Hawn‘s role in modeling how to keep the ‘mother-father-child‘ bond harmonious even after a divorce or separation.

“I think the one thing that I learned from my mom is that no matter what you’re feeling and no matter what — when I see my friends talking (expletive) about their ex-spouses in front of their kids, I get so upset because they don’t recognize how much that affects their child and how resentful their child will become of them. No matter what, I never heard a bad word about my father.”

Goldie Hawn modeled good co-parenting for Kate Hudson.

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After Hawn separated from musician, Bill Hudson, Kate and her brother, Olivier, lived with her and her boyfriend, Kurt Russell. From lessons learnt while growing up with her mom, Kate Hudson stated that:

“Children see and hear everything so no matter what you say as a parent, they will figure things out. Kids are not only incredibly intelligent, but eventually they can make their mind up themselves. They will see with their own eyes whatever needs to be seen and they need to come to that on their own terms. It’s not our place to tell them how to feel about the other parents. I think that’s so important.”

Kate Hudson added that another factor which makes co-parenting easier for her is that all her kids’ fathers get along.

“It’s funny and we laugh about it. I never thought my life would look like that, but it is what it is. All I care about is happy kids, and we all make that the priority.”

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