8 Pregnant Mum Fashion Tips

You are pregnant! Congrats—now you’re trying to figure out how to deal with your closet for the next nine months.

Of course, maternity style is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. There are plenty of ways to approach it but more than anything, there’s an opportunity to break all sorts of supposed fashion “rules” and you will do just fine.

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A few tips below to help you make the most of style during your 9-month

1. Shop Very Sparingly:

It is best to not overthink or change your personal style due to pregnancy.

“Buy nothing for as long as possible,

and wear what you have until the last possible moment

Then, buy things slowly.

Your body changes so much each month, so buy one or two pairs of pants that fit for a bit,

then go up a size as needed. Also, stretchy undies are a must.”

suggests Stella Bugbee, president and editor-in-chief of New York Magazine‘s The Cut.

Buy good bras, jeans and trousers with elastic bands, those are lifesavers.

2. Look To Your Current Wardrobe:

You will be surprised to realise how much of your current wardrobe items are unexpectedly bump-friendly and can be worn well into your pregnancy. You can wear your skirts higher up your waist or wear a belt to give yourself a waist again. Whatever you do,  get creative with your style.

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3. Hide Your Bump With Jackets And Blouses

Long blouses and jackets are a must-have for pregnant mums. You can hide your pregnancy for as long as you want wearing free gowns, jackets or blouses. No one can see your profile up to at least 6 months into your pregnancy, if you hide your pregnant belly behind jackets.

4. Choose Your Footwear With Comfort In Mind

Comfort reigns supreme when it comes to footwear. Flats and sneakers are great pairs to have during your pregnancy.

You may want to ditch your high-heeled shoes till you don’t have to worry about risking your pregnancy-that obviously  will be after you have had your baby, if you are not already stuck on comfy footwear by then.

5. Shop According To Silhouettes That Work

Know what works for you and go with it. A-line dresses, blouses, pregnancy leggings help you stay chic and help you get through your pregnancy comfortably.

6. Make A ‘Pregnancy Closet’

At the seven or eight months in, consider creating a mini “pregnancy closet” out of everything in your wardrobe. It is going to get tiresome as the months pass to continue to rummage through your regular wardrobe for what to wear, that is why you should have a mini closet for the rest of your pregnancy term.

It will be so much easier to get dressed that way. Have about 30 pieces; including, shirts, leggings, blouses, jackets, and accessories.

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7. Get Belts

Pregnancy belts are all about the lumbar support; they may not sexy, but they save backs. Procuring a waist accessory that’s purely functional, a well-placed cincher goes a long way.

You can go the DIY route , instead of spending a lot of money on maternity clothes, just buy bigger sizes, and always have a black ribbon belt on hand in case you want to belt a dress or light coat.

8. Lean Into Maternity leggings

Embrace maternity jeans, frankly, they are way more comfortable than regular jeans. We recommend that you invest in one good pair of maternity jeans.

Pregnancy jeans and leggings are the best piece of clothing to add to your wardrobe while pregnant, they fit exactly the same as regular styles, but have the support to stay comfortable as your body grows.

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