Four Nigerians Who Forced Girls Into Prostitution & Diabolism Arrested In Italy

A few days ago, the pathetic story of Blessing Obuson, the 19-year old Nigerian girl who was almost sold for $30,000 in Russia broke out. (Read Here)

Fresh reports have it that Italian authorities have arrested four Nigerian citizens accused of human trafficking and forcing underage migrant girls into prostitution; including those employing the use of rituals to perpetrate their atrocious deeds.

The four Nigerian citizens, three of whom are women, were arrested in the province of Caserta as part of an investigation by the Catania anti-mafia police into the trafficking of Nigerians who were brought to Italy and forced into prostitution. Arrested were a 42-year old woman, her 36-year old brother, his 31-year old wife and another 26-year old woman.

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They were accused of working with other unidentified suspects in Nigeria and Libya in human trafficking, an aggravated crime due to its cross-border nature; as well as causing harm to minors and exposing the injured parties to serious danger to their lives and their physical integrity.

The investigation began following statements made by a Nigerian minor named “Onda” (name changed to protect privacy, ed.), who disembarked in Catania in July 2016 from the Italian Coast Guard ship “Luigi Dattilo” together with 359 other migrants.

From her story, investigators learned that she had been recruited in Nigeria with the false promise of work in Italy, after having undergone an esoteric ‘juju’ ritual, with which she agreed to repay the sum of about 20,000 euros. Once she arrived in Sicily, the minor was taken from the reception centre where she was being hosted and was forced into prostitution.

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Police were able to reconstruct the stories of other young Nigerian girls who, -like this minor- were forced into prostitution for a monthly payment of 100 euros. They worked at outposts called ‘ugbo’, which means ‘the land’. ‘Ugbo’ indicated the few metres of road assigned to each girl to carry out her unholy acts.


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