Nigerian Dad, Olayinka Fagbuaro Blows Hot As Private University Tells His Undergraduate Daughters To Loosen Their Braided Hair

A Nigerian dad, Olayinka Fagbuaro, is blowing hot and has vowed to set his daughters’ school’s management straight for asking his undergraduate daughters to loosen the braids on their head.

The furious dad -who shielded the said school’s identity- questioned how a university could be caught dictating hairstyle on campus. He termed the act ridiculous and a complete joke.

Taking to his Facebook page, the dad-of-3 wrote:

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“When some women get intoxicated they lose control totally, my girls were told to losen a braided hair cos they are looking too much, just ordinary “shuku” hair…. in a university… Who dictates hair style on a campus ….this country and it’s entirety is becoming ridiculous and a complete joke….”

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Trust the power of social media! No sooner has the furious dad blown hot on Facebook, -with many people backing him up and bloggers having a field day relaying his story- than the school management sat up straight.

Happy that he stood up for his girls, Fagbuaro pulled down his initial post and wrote:

“So the hair issue has been taken care off the admin head was furious so was the president of the arts department….
Had to pull the post down to save someone’s job and of course prevent my kids from victimization….its been sorted
Thanks for all the support, I am happy I stood up for my girls….”

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