“Are We Sweeping This Under The Carpet, Too?” -Singer, Simi Insinuates As She Reacts To Ita Faji School Building Collapse

Nigerian singer, Simisola Ogunleye, 30, has reacted to the ill-fated school building collapse at Ita Faji, Lagos; which has reportedly claimed lives with several left badly wounded.

Taking to her Twitter page, the award-winning singer, who has always advocated for worthy causes, asked if there would be no heads rolling for this great mishap.

She insinuated that in saner climes, people would have been held responsible for this and probably jailed. She questioned why everything in Nigeria is attached to religion, saying God gave people common sense but they chose to render it useless.

Simi, who opined that accountability is necessary for progress stated that she can’t imagine how the family members of the affected people are coping, presently.

See her post below:

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“Someplace else, people would go to jail and/or be sued for all d money they ever had. INCLUDING THE GOVERNMENT!! Because there should be offices that do these checks to make sure buildings are okay to live in or use for a school. Accountability is necessary for progress.”

“But here we just say “God knws what He’s doing”. But He didn’t do this 💔 We say “Let’s just pray.” But we have. And he keeps answering us by giving us common sense. It’s so sad. I can’t even begin to imagine how the people who have family/friends in the rubble feel. Sigh.”

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See below someone’s response to Simi’s tweet that sort of backed her submission up:

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