After Her Video Went Viral, Nigerian Entrepreneur, Charles Okpaleke Pledges To Help ‘Angry’ Little School Girl Who Prefers To Be Flogged Than Sent Home| Video

In a video that went viral on Thursday, a little school girl of about 7 or 8 years was could be heard ranting after she was sent out of school for not paying her school fees.

In the pathetic but hilarious video clip that lasted less than a minute, the little school girl was stopped and asked why she wasn’t in school. And immediately, she went into a rage as she narrated her story.

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She told of how she was sent out of school because she owed school fees, stating that she would have preferred that the school flogged her than send her home.

She posited that since she would eventually pay her fees, why send her home when they could have just punished her! Then she bluntly added that if they had flogged her, they and their cane would have been the tired ones.

The livid girl concluded her rant by saying since the school thinks they are stubborn, she would show them she’s way more stubborn. Then she walked away!

See the pathetic but hilarious video below:

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Touched by the little girl’s situation, an Abuja based entrepreneur, Charles ‘charlesofplay’ Okpaleke took to his Instagram to re-post the viral video and pledged to support the girl all the way to university level. He requested that anyone who can genuinely track the girl’s parents down should get in touch with him.

See his post below:

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Who can genuinely track down the little girls parents! I’ll pay her school fees till she’s done with University… and I know God would keep providing for me to accomplish it!
Pls guys let’s start the search!!!”

Talk of the moment disappointment turns into a blessing!

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