WOW! 17 College Acceptance Letters: Be Inspired With 17-Year-Old Dylan’s Record Breaking Story

A resilient 17-year-old New Jersey teenager just overcame the odds to be the first in his family to go to college — in an epic way.

Despite dealing with homelessness throughout his life,  Dylan Chidick now has his choice of colleges to pick from after receiving 17 acceptance letters, CBS New York reported.

Chidick and his family have been through countless heartaches. Dylan and his family moved from Trinidad when he was only seven, and they’ve been in and out of homelessness. His younger twin brothers are also living with serious heart conditions. But Dylan overcame all these.

”My family went through a lot and there has been a lot of people saying, ‘you can’t do that,’ or ‘you’re not going to achieve this,’ and me — getting these acceptances — kind of verifies what I have been saying. I can do it and I will do it.”

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