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Dear MIMsters: My MIL Wants To Turn Everything Against Me After My Husband Did This

My MIL wants to turn everything against me after my husband did this. I need advice on the right step to take.

I have been married for seven years and I have a boy and a girl who are 7 years and and 3 years old respectively. We have our normal quarrels as husband and wife and have them settled between ourselves and sometimes with the intervention of our parents.

My husband is the type of man who sees a woman as nothing and has total disrespect for women especially me, but I refuse to be subjected to slavery and always fight for my right. Hence, I have been tagged stubborn and rude.

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Trouble started again when a man, his wife and their three kids moved to our compound. My husband and this man started this friendship of drinking together in the compound. At first, I thought it was cool until when one girl who lives on our street said that my neighbor was asking her out and my husband was there encouraging him.

I confronted my husband and we quarreled over it. My husband who used to be free with his phone suddenly passworded his phone. I saw his chats with different women, in which he tells them how much he loves them. He even told one of the girls to bring a friend of hers for this our neighbor turned friend. Our neighbor is a chronic womanizer and a drunk. My husband and our neighbour started staying out late and clubbing every other day.

Hubby’s parents who live in the same city with us would call and advise him. He’ll promise to change but the very next day, he’ll do worse. MIL started advising me to ignore him and let him live the way he likes. I’ve been trying to do this until three days ago when this neighbor came to our window to call my husband around 12.a.m. My husband didn’t hear because he was deep asleep. Although I was awake and heard the call, I didn’t not wake my husband up. I have been angry with the lifestyle the neighbour led my husband into.

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Later that morning, he called my husband and told him he came calling at night, that, he, my husband was asleep, but I, the wife was awake (because he saw the light of my phone was on) and I couldn’t wake him up. My husband rushed to the kitchen were I was cooking and asked me why I didn’t not wake him up when he was called last night.

Angrily,  I asked him, “MUST I WAKE YOU UP?” The next thing was, my husband started raining insult on me and told me to leave his house that very minute or he would kill me. Next, he threw my stuffs outside. This man had previously made an attempt on my life by throwing a stone and chisel at me which broke my head.

So I left with my children to my parent’s place in the neighboring state. I called MIL before leaving and she supported my leaving. The next day, she called me to ask when will I be returning home. I told her that I would not be coming back and she became angry and cut the call.

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I called her back, told not to be angry, and that I did not mean to disrespect her but if my husband wants me back, he should come for me because the threat to my life is becoming too much before he kills me one day. MIL said that I was very wrong to have answered my husband like that, that all this while her son has been telling her how rude and disrespectful I am to him and that if I want to go, I should go and that I have already made up my mind to leave, that I am just looking for an excuse. I want your opinion and your advice on the right step to take.

1 Discussion on “Dear MIMsters: My MIL Wants To Turn Everything Against Me After My Husband Did This”
  • We women are our own worst enemies. You are telling this your MIL about her son being a threat to your life, instead of talking to her son or begging you all she can say is this rubbish. Pls ignore the two of them. I hope you have made adequate plans on taking care of your children. You have to tighten your belt because you don’t know what may follow.

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