How To Tell If Your Child Is Happy Or Unhappy At School

It would be amazing if your child could just tell you that he was unhappy at school and why but some kids do often keep quiet about bad experiences away from home.
If your child is not volunteering any details , here are a number of ways for you to find out if he is having any unlikely experience at school.

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Talk Frequently with Your Child About School

Have a routine time where you discuss events and activities at school with your child. Ask questions about topics your child has mentioned before to show you are truly interested in what is going on in his life.

Your child might not want to share bad news about school, especially information about punishment. By patiently listening, you will encourage him to be honest about bad news in the future.

When you do respond, address the behavior and not the child, and talk about ways you can work together to solve the problem.

Don’t Ask Casual Questions

Ask your child detailed questions about school, don’t just ask “How was school?” and settle for “Fine”. You cannot always trust your child’s answer to that question, according to Gwynn Mettetal, associate professor of education at Indiana University South Bend and mother of two.

Instead, she suggests asking questions that will elicit more than one-word answers. Ask him which subjects are his favourite and which are the hardest. Find out what he likes best about his class teacher.

Other good questions include, “What’s your favorite part of the day?” and “Which friends do you hang out with during lunch and break-time?”

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Keep In Touch With The Teacher

Your child spends more time at school than at home, meaning his teacher might know more about what triggered mood changes in your child.

If your child has had a problem with a group of friends at school or some other incident has caused him to be withdrawn, his teacher is most likely able to help you understand why.

Warning Signs That Your Child May Be Unhappy At School

1. Nervousness: If your child child develops unusual behaviors such as nail-biting, hair-pulling, or bed-wetting, he could be suppressing stress from school.

2. Silence: If your child  is unhappy at school and has not had the courage to tell you, he may become withdrawn and silent when you bring up subjects related to school.

3. Fear Of Returning To School After The Long Holidays: The long vacations or third-term breaks are very interesting times for kids but they are also looking forward to getting back to school. If your child is reluctant, find out why.

4. Poor Grades: If your child’s grades are dropping unusually and he seems uninterested in schoolwork and homework or no longer brings work home from class.

It could be a sign that your child is finishing everything at school and needs more advanced work, or he is bored and lonely in class and completes his homework to pass time.

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