Double For Your Delay: 6 Awesome Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Twins

Most Nigerians love to have twins and we thought we would just give you more reasons to. Find below, 6 awesome facts about twins you probably didn’t know…

1. Identical Twins Are Not Completely Alike

Identical twins can be really fascinating to look at. Really identical twins can be so hard to tell apart but they still have differences, notwithstanding the numerous stories of twins playing tricks on unsuspecting persons by swapping places.

Like the rest of us , each individual twin of an identical pair have unique finger whorls and pattern, it is not so obvious to the naked eye, but there’s another way to tell.

Look at their belly buttons! They heal differently from the man-made cuts made at the navel at birth.

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2. Double For Your Delay

Turns out more and more women are starting families later than was usual, a number of reasons account for that. But what you did not is  that the chance for multiple birth is higher within that demographic.

The human reproduction journal discovered that women above the age of 35 possess higher levels of follicle stimulating hormone that can cause them to release more than one egg at a time!

If you have delayed child bearing to later years or it just did not happen for you earlier, you just might get lucky and have double for your delay.

3. Literally Joined At The Hip

Most twins appear to have a special connection beyond sharing a womb and physical resemblance. They sometimes even develop their own private language.

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4. There Is Such Thing As Mirror Image Twins

Most of us are used to the idea of twins that look the same and twins that do not. But did you also know that scientifically, there are seven different categories of twins in the world?

Yes, there are! The mirror-image twins, mixed chromosome twins, half-identical, identical , fraternal, superfecundation (twins with different fathers), superfetation (twins conceived seperately).

While the identical and fraternal type twins are the most common, the other types certainly exist!

5. Strange But True

If identical twin women got married to identical men and both couples had babies, their children would be cousins according to law but they would be full siblings, genetically.

6. One May Be Older Than The Other

If they are twins, they should arrive only minutes ahead or behind each other, or at least on the same day. While that is the case for identical twins, the same cannot be said for fraternal twins.

Since fraternal twins come about from the fertilisation of two separate eggs, it is possible for one egg to be fertilised and on its way to development, sometimes weeks before the other!

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