This Nigerian Groom’s Wedding Vows To His Bride, Tolu Will Leave You Teary | WATCH

Wedding vows are a really sentimental component of most white weddings, the emotional exchange between the couples reading their innermost fond thoughts in front of friends and families.

Couples exposing their vulnerabilities in love is a tear-jerking moment that most wedding guests look forward to and that is exactly what played out at the recent wedding of a Nigerian groom, simply identified as Bayo.

Despite his huge frame, Bayo, in a now trending video shared on Instagram turned very emotional while reading his vows to his bride, Tolu.

The groom’s vulnerability has endeared him to social media users just as much as attendees at the wedding were completely swoon over as he prayed to God never to allow him disappoint or let his wife down.

”I love you love so much. And I vow with my heart, so help me God that I will never disappoint you, I will never let you down, I will never do anything to hurt you.”

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Watch the emotional video shared by one Henry Adewale on Instagram…

…And we say a Big Amen! Here’s wishing the two marital bliss!

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