Absolutely Hilarious! See What This Nigerian Mum, Joy, Did So Her Son Could Win A Competition

All women are amazing because they carry so much strength and love within, but all of that energy is about to go several notches higher the moment a woman becomes a mum. Motherly love inspires her to go all the way for her child. A Nigerian mum, Joy, took to Twitter to share a hilarious post about an impulsive mummy moment she had just for her son to win a competition.

Joy narrated how she yielded to her maternal instincts and pulled off her wig from her head at a party because the MC  said the first child to bring his or her mum’s wig would win a prize!

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The doting mum said she pulled off her wig without thinking, so her son could win the prize, leaving her sitting at the party with her cornrows after she had tweeted earlier on that day, that she would never be caught without a wig out of her home.

Read her hilarious tweet below;

“Guess who’s sitting outside at a birthday party in her cornrows  The MC said the first child to bring his/mum’s wig would win a prize.

The speed with which I flung my wig off and gave it to my son I knew in that moment that there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him.”

Apparently, she had done what she did before the hilarity of it dawned on her, and she confirmed that she realised in that instant that there is nothing she would not do for her son.

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But again, what type of MC makes a competition of which child can dispossess his mother of her hair-artificial or natural and at a party for that matter? Absolutely hilarious!

See screenshot below:

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