Actress, Amanda Ebeye Cheers On Other Single Moms In New Interview

Amanda Ebeye has joined a growing list of female directors and filmmakers from Nollywood as she debuts her new film, Horrors.

Sharing the inspiration behind the movie with Sun News, the Nollywood actress and single mom who is famous for her roles in Clinic Matters and Super Story, said she aimed at motivating single mothers to go pursue their dreams and never look back.

The movie producer, 32, said;

“Horrors tells the story of the single mother. The story came to me while pregnant and I started developing it once I got into school. I actually went to school to learn how to make that film.

Horrors encourages single mothers that think a child is a hindrance to their success. A lot of single mums feel regret or hate towards their children because it did not work out between them and their fathers and that is extremely wrong, because this is a child that knows nothing.

He or she did not force him or herself to be born through you. The child has no duty to love you; it’s your duty to love. So, any irritation towards that child affects the child negatively.

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And who says you cannot have your child and be what you desire to be? A child is not your hindrance, the man is not your hindrance, you are”.

Still speaking about her film, the actress hinted that shooting Horror in Canada was quite exciting and with no hitches. She gushed;

“It was actually amazing filming Horrors. Canadians are about the nicest people in the world. And just like Nigeria, Canadians are warm to filmmakers. So, making Horrors was beautiful, from the owners of the locations we used to the cast and crew, to the people that passed us on the road and cheered us on.

Electricity was 24-hours so, there was no blackout, no sound issues, no generator noises. It was actually beautiful filming in Canada, and as my first film, I more than enjoyed directing it. And yes, I would love to do it again. I cannot wait to direct my next job in Canada”.

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Amanda shocked her fans three years ago when she had her baby, Benjamin Phillip, in Canada as nobody knew she was in a relationship let alone, being pregnant.

Though she was criticized for having a child out of wedlock, she has since moved on and keeps evolving in her roles as a mother and a career woman.

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