”Men are useless until they turn 33” –Mom-Of-2, Jennifer Lopez Sparks Controversy

Singer, Jennifer Lopez, 49, has courted controversy after saying that men are useless until they turn 33. Last summer, the recently-engaged singer, actress and mom-of-two was featured in an episode of Tinder’s SwipeSessions.

The online series sees celebrities help an individual find their perfect Tinder match by swiping left and right, while sharing some of their best dating advice.

During the Sessions, ‘Jenny from the Block’ herself was giving out advice to an aspiring country music artist, Brooke – who was searching for a partner on the platform and over the weekend, J.Lo’s video from the session surfaced online and people are a little shocked by one of the comments she made.

As the two women swiped through Brooke’s matches, J.Lo notices that a lot of men on there are under the age of 30.

The star who got divorced from the father of her twins Marc Anthony, almost 9 years ago (read here), then proceeds to impart some wisdom onto the young woman, telling her that men are “useless” at that age. Jenny said;

“Guys, until they’re 33, are really useless.”

She then proceeds to swipe left on a 29-year-old social media manager named Maurice, just to prove her point.

Just as expected, people weren’t too impressed with this little gem of advice from J.Lo to Brooke and they proceeded to air their thoughts in the comments.

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See some reactions below;

One person wrote:

“Ha! Imagine if a man said women are useless under the age of 30 – they’d bring out the pitchforks and torches wouldn’t they? Hypocrites smh.”

Another commented:

“If a guy said women under 33 are useless the UN would have to intervene and everyone would be appalled. Now it’s just a silly joke. Talk about equality…”

Another man Simon,

”Not sure taking dating advice from someone who has been married 3 times is really the best idea…”
”So so so….. Under 30’s man are not enough rich for woman but after 30’s woman are getting older……. So in their interest is better to live their career and their lives and hook up a rich man when the value go down (the wall),” another commented.

A woman also added;

”This is horrd to watch, would never trust anyone to control my ‘dating life’ Also it is sexist, “I want a manly man, one who chops wood” why does it have to be a man who chops wood. You could get off your backside and do your own chopping.
Also, it was a bit rude to call men that are under 30 (I think it was 30, was it 30?) useless, my younger brother is only 5 (under 30) and he is pretty useful (tidying his own room, helping wash dishes, generic house chores etc).”

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Meanwhile, not everyone thought it was bad advice.

A different user joked: “So many salty men in the comments section.”

Another replied that all the people who disliked the video were clearly just “men under 33.”

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