5 Yummy Lunchbox Ideas For Your Child

Children need to consume a variety of healthy foods in order to grow properly. With a typical school day being what it is, long and drawn out, it is all-the-more important that our little scholars get the right foods to support their wellness and learning. When you pack your child’s lunchbox, you should aim to pack it with nutritious foods that are filling and exciting.

There are a number of fancy lunchbox ideas on the internet but are they practical options for the average Nigerian mum? We will let you answer that. Still, if you are want some easy, but healthy lunchbox inspiration, read on.

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1. Baked/Cooked/Fried Potatoes with Eggs

Not only are potatoes healthy, they are delicious and versatile. Once you have identified which way your toddler prefers his potatoes, you can make him some of those along with fried eggs and a packet of yoghurt, and maybe an apple too.

2. Toast Bread And Fruit Juice

Toast bread is a easy sandwich  to make, yet it is delicious.  Try to use avocado as emulsifier, and have tomatoes in your recipe. For filling, use eggs and sardines or corned beef.

3. Rice and Fish Stew:

Rice is beloved to Nigerians whichever way it is cooked, and that does not exempt our little ones. A pretty easy meal to prepare and if you have had your stew prepared beforehand, it makes it even easier. It is filling and enjoyable, you won’t have to worry about your child not eating his lunch.

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4. Fried Eggs And Plantain

Yes this one! At the mention of it, your toddler’s taste-buds are probably yearning already. Rich in proteins and vitamins with the energy giving plantains, today is not one of those days you have to worry whether your child will return from school with his lunchbox intact.

5. Spaghetti And Stew

If you have not been including this in your toddler’s menu, it is time to consider it. Kids love spaghetti and we definitely recommend than noodles for a lunchbox inspiration.

Get their veggies in by incorporating green peas, carrots, bell peppers and spring onions. These healthy veggies and spices contribute to the aesthetics and give flavours that make the meal taste even better.

Remember to include savoury fruits and sufficient liquids in the lunchbox to keep your toddler hydrated and healthy.

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