Abusive Hubby Shatters Ethiopian Wife’s Beauty After She Sought To Be Divorced From Him (Graphic Photos)

Domestic violence is an epidemic unleashed mostly on women by men all over the world. It is destructive for both the battered and the batterer.

Its tendency to be passed down over generations makes it all the more important that we all must develop effective methods for combating abusive behaviors in our society.

Just as the saying goes, when the kitchen gets too hot, get out of there to either save yourself from getting killed or killing someone. One thing is wanting to leave an abusive relationship, another thing is for your abuser to want to let go.

In another case of domestic violence, a jealous husband did the unthinkable after his wife attempted to divorce him.

According to a report by Sahara Tribune, doctors, teachers, and complete strangers from across the Bay Area, California, U.S, are rallying behind an Ethiopian woman, who survived a brutal act of domestic violence when her evil husband poured acid all over her face and body.

Atsade Nigese who spoke through her friend who served as an interpreter, says her husband, who was a federal police officer in Ethiopia, regularly beat her and broke her teeth.

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Tragedy struck one night after she told her abusive hubby she wanted a divorce, and the next thing he did was to douse her with an acid.

Sadly, Nigese is now blind with scarred skin. Her body is disfigured and even her own son initially rejected her, saying he knew her by her voice but could not identify anything else about her.

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Nigese’s story was shared on social media. A philanthropist, Menbere Aklilu from Ethiopia who also survived an abusive relationship, offered to help Nigese and get some medical help. Aklilu said she would love it if Nigese could one day see again.

“I want her to get her vision, that’s my dream”.

Two years ago, Aklilu helped another Ethiopian woman, who had also been burned by acid, something she said her ex-fiance had thrown on her.

For nearly seven months, Nigese has been living with Aklilu.

“I see myself through her. I’m lucky I run from him. So today I have the ability to help others.”

In her short time living in the Bay Area, Nigese is slowly learning to become independent once again. She’s learned to get around using a stick.

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Three hours a day, five days a week, Nigese, who is a mother of one learns Braille and English, with volunteers at her side. On top of that, doctors from the University of California at San Francisco are donating their time and talents to reconstruct her ears, eyelids nose and mouth. Aklilu said;

“The entire community stands up for her and I’m blessed for that”.

Nigese’s husband still lives in Ethiopia and could not be reached for comment.

This is so sad! No woman should be allowed to suffer like this.

Say No to domestic violence. Report your abuser to the right authorities and leave to live!

Watch a video of her interview Here

Photo credit: KTVU

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