Mom-Of-One, Yvonne Nelson Talks About Her Marriage Hesitations In New Interview

Marriage is a beautiful thing. It is one of the most vital of all the decisions and has the most far-reaching effects, for it has to do not only with immediate happiness, but also with eternal joys.

This is one of the reasons why most young people are scared of going into the institution.

In a recent interview with Joy News, Ghanaian movie star, model, and film producer, Yvonne Nelson disclosed that though she would love to walk down the aisle, she will be disappointed with herself if she ends up becoming a divorcee.

The 33-year-old mother-of-one whose baby daddy is a British photographer says she feels lots of people allow society to get to them and force them into getting married. In her opinion, getting married shouldn’t be based on societal pressure but when the time is right.

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Still on marriage, Yvonne further disclosed that she has to be certain before she takes the big step for the sake of her personality.

“I will love to get married, but I feel a lot of people get pressured by society, I mean if the time is right and it happens, I will be very happy, but marriage is something I don’t want to rush into and rush out of.

I know how I am. I am a very strong-willed person so if I am going to do it I have to be very sure and both of us have to be on the same page”.

The stunning actress also revealed that despite the fact that she is dating her baby daddy, Jamie Roberts, she is celibate at the moment, stating that she has not had sex in more than a year now.

“I don’t mind having another child. I have not had sex in more than a year and I am not crazy about sex”.

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Yvonne explained further that she is currently focused on raising her child, Ryn Roberts.

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