How To Have Sex When You Have Kids in The House

We already know the arrival of kids into marriage is a blessing, one that quickly changes existing dynamics. One moment they are needy and totally dependent, the next moment, they are up and about, barging into rooms and upsetting our privacy.

How exactly are you supposed to keep the flame alive and maintain a healthy sex life with children in the house when you  have to constantly worry about being ‘heard‘ or ‘interrupted‘ in the act?

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You are not alone. Lack of privacy and fatigue from the hectic demands of family life easily lead to blockages in communication channels.

It’s important to nip this situation in the bud and find deliberate ways to nurture sexual intimacy since a healthy sex life gives strength and protection to the marital relationship.

What should you do if having kids in the house is dampening your sex life? Here are five suggestions:

1. Talk It Out With Your Spouse

Take the initiative to walk your spouse through the concerns that you have about safely having sex without the kids interrupting or hearing you during lovemaking.

2. Describe The Awkwardness

Your husband may not share your  fears of being heard during lovemaking. On the other hand, he may not understand why you are so anxious. Reveal your thoughts and feelings to one another and try to discover the factors that have shaped your spouse’s  perspective.

3. Frankly Discuss Desires And Expectations

Your individual sexual desires and expectations are likely to be different . If  having children has affected your sex life, say so. Your objective is to seek common ground, a place where each of you is comfortable and connected.

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4. Be Innovative

Discuss with your spouse to install locks,  drown the noise of your lovemaking with music emanating from your bedroom.  Stay flexible until you’ve found a plan that works.

5. Prepare A Response To Your Children’s Questions

If an awkward encounter does happen and your kid walks in on you during the act, children’s curiosity is best addressed with a confident reply in mutually agreed upon terminology like this: “Daddy and I are really fond of each other, and sometimes we get excited to spend time together.” If your kids have seen the two of you holding hands, kissing, and going out on dates, they’re probably comfortable with the idea of parental closeness.

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