How Taking Care Of Your Marriage Is The Best Thing For Your kids

Parenting can be overwhelming and can very quickly become the centre of your marriage if you do not make a conscious choice to balance things up with your relationship with your spouse. Giving the best that can be afforded emotionally and financially to one’s children comes natural to most parents; this labour of love is great if your marriage does not suffer in the process, otherwise you just might be doing more harm than good for your children.

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In child-centred families, mum and dad are immersed in meeting the needs of their children, the couples spend their parenting years being entirely child-focused and may come to the sudden and sad realization that their marriage is in major trouble along the way.

Recent statistics show that divorce rates are on the rise for couples who have been married 30 or more years. We often assume that for a couple to have made it that far, they should have it all figured out. But if couples spend their entire married life making their children the centre of their world, the result may be two people who have no connection once the children are grown and gone.

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Making Time For Your Marriage

It comes down to managing your time and understanding you are much more than a mum or dad or just the family maid, chauffeur or the guy who pays the rent and takes trash out. Understanding this helps to ensure both your children and your marriage are healthy, growing and secure.

The moment you welcome your first baby, you will discover that keeping your marriage a priority may take more effort than you prepared for but you can do it with just a little effort. You should give your new and dependent bundle of joy all of the time it requires but certainly not all of your time.

If you need help with babysitting, ask a trusted relative, so you can make time for your spouse; the key thing here is to not neglect your spouse or make them feel obscure.

Give little gestures and cuddle with them when the baby is sleeping or not needing much attention instead of getting on to more chores.

Grabbing the stroller, take a stroll together as a family and talk openly, cherish the moment and the bond your baby has brought to your union.

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How It Affects Your Kids

One of the most important things your child requires to grow into a healthy, balanced adult is a happy, functioning secure home. That need can be met only by making sure the relationship between you and your spouse is formidable.

Do not consider your kids a priority above your marriage. If you really want to do what is best for your kids, you will take care of your marriage first, this does not mean you won’t be taking care of them, it just means you will be able to manage your time and devote to your marriage as well.

Love your children and meet their needs. But remember that one of their most important needs is to have parents who genuinely love and care for each other.

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