Dear MIMsters: How Do I Move On From This Unfulfilling Point In My Life?

How do I move on from this unfulfilling point in my life? I am a married woman with a son, a graduate and even hold a Master’s degree.

Before I got married, I had a well paying job, but the distance between my husband and I was just too much. We were working in different states at the time and I got married as a virgin. My husband had issues deflowering me due to previous sexual trauma. It took us 4 months after our wedding to have sex.

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The in-laws started insulting me for still living so far away from my husband after getting married. They said I can’t get pregnant and if I did, it won’t stay due to the way I was traveling up and down. I told my husband I wanted to resign, despite the fact that I was jobless for 3 years before I could get that job but he advised against it.

He said God will protect and give us a child. But the pressure from third parties was just too much and I thought if my husband makes any mistake with any woman, I would be blamed for it. So I sought for his consent and resigned. After I tendered my resignation letter, I discovered thereafter, that I was pregnant but the deed had been done.

I moved to the state where my husband resides and when my pregnancy was about 5 months I started a training in fashion and I’m through with it. During the training, my in-laws would come anytime without prior notice and I’ll cook, clean till I’m exhausted. I couldn’t even concentrate on my training and I had to do extra work later to catch up.

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My husband bought me an industrial machine and some tools to help me but each day I say to myself, is this how I’ll be at home doing nothing, and not work with all the degrees I have, despite being a good student when I was at school?

I don’t know what to do. My husband is a good man but I’m traumatized. I feel like I have given up too much for marriage because here, I have nobody, not even someone to help me with my baby. I’m always frustrated when sewing. It’s been 1 year and 6 months since my resignation and I have now become nothing. I want to stop thinking and nagging my poor husband because his family made me lose all I ever worked for. I know getting a job is the only medicine I have to that.

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