Dear MIMsters: I Didn’t Listen To My Mum When She Warned Me About Susan, And I Paid Dearly For It (Part Two)

Continued from PART ONE

Hubby would sometimes visit me in my father’s house and one weekend, we planned a get-away together. That was when I conceived. Immediately, my dad registered me in a specialist hospital, with my husband’s consent though, and it was there that we found out I had a medical condition that prevented pregnancies from surviving in my body. I was placed on admission at the hospital especially when it was discovered it was multiple pregnancy.

I was admitted at the hospital for 31-weeks where I had a set of twins, a boy and a girl. MIL never visited me for once. My babies were preterm so they were placed in the incubator for a few days before we were discharged. But neither MIL nor any of her children visited us.

Lest I forgot, Susan also had a baby at about the same time. Hers was 2-weeks before mine. MIL’s excuse for not visiting me was that she was with Susan’s daughter. During the christening, she came in briefly and was reluctant in giving them names. She wouldn’t even hold either of the twins. It was at that point that my dad said he had had enough of her enmity. He called her out and it was a really messy situation. I cried so much that I landed right back at the hospital that very night. My blood pressure skyrocketed and my mom went back to threaten MIL that if anything happened to her daughter, she would smell her nose.

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It was after my mom’s threat that MIL requested for a meeting with my parents. She told them all Susan said I told her and why she chose to stay away. According to her, I had told Susan that she was responsible for all the miscarriages I had. That she was the reason I TTC for 4-years before my parents took me to a prophet who confirmed our fears that she was the cause of my barrenness. Susan told her that was why my parents took me away from her son’s house. She told her that my becoming pregnant while at my parents’ further confirmed what the prophet told them that she was responsible for my condition. MIL told my parents how she was the first person Susan confided in when she found out she was pregnant while I never bothered to call her to share my own news with her. Of a truth, when I remembered Susan’s many tales of horror about MIL, I decided not to tell her I was pregnant and also begged hubby not to, too.

Susan told MIL so many things that I never said and also that if she attempts to carry my babies, my parents would resist so that she would not harm them.

Hubby said Susan told him my parents had labelled his mom a witch and that was why he was initially mad at me but when our babies arrived, he chose to let it all go. He said that was why he kept comparing me to Susan.

I was shocked!

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My dad requested to see Susan and she was invited. Can you believe she told me to my face that I said all those things? She even denied being the one who took me to the prophet. I am yet to recover from all Susan did to me. MIL and her children except hubby believed Susan and have continued to stay away from my home but thanks to God, hubby said he believes me now. I can only trust God to vindicate me someday soon but for now, I am on my own. If only I heeded my mom’s warnings.

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