“Don’t reduce men to animals”- Genevieve Nnaji Urges Men To Free Themselves Of False Stereotypes

Nollywood film maker, actress and mum-of-one, Genevieve Nnaji, has taken to social media to encourage men to not fall for the “Boys will be boys” stereotype that aims to slowly but surely reduce them to animals who can’t discern wrong from right just because they are boys.

Taking to Instagram, the award-winning actress shared an image which read;

 ‘Boys will be boys’  is a form of objectification. Don’t reduce men to animals who don’t know right from wrong.”

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She added a short caption to the shared image where she told men to rise above the lowly “boys will be boys” stereotype.

She wrote;

Brothers, you can rise above the stereotype. Love y’all .

The screen diva who never shies away from her feminist views and stance also recently described her own type of feminism as being about human rights.

The actress made the revelation while speaking at the London School of Economics Africa Summit, where she mentioned that everyone has a right to live life just the way they desire it to be.

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She said;

“I think my own feminism is just human rights. I am a human who has a right to having choices.

I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. It’s just that simple.

If I were a man, it will be the same thing.

At the end of the day, I was born alone, I will die alone, I breathe alone,

so I definitely have rights to how I want to live my life.”

Her Instagram followers appeared to be in agreement with her stance on the “boys will be boys” stereotype; some promising to do better while some others blamed women for raising boys with faulty outlooks on life and that women or mothers also need to do better.

One of her followers @innoxxy_, who’s reaction tilted towards the latter side of the debate, wrote:

Unfortunately y’all mothers are guilty of this; steady inculcating this mentality in the boy child.

He eventually grows with this mentality and then, it’s hard to change him

To which the actress replied:

When you are grown, you stop blaming your parents for a lot of things.

That’s what being an adult is. They acted based on their level of understanding.

We are meant to be better than them and our children, better than us.

There are so many things we were taught that we dropped along the way;

and a lot we figured out on our own. One can always do better.

You just need to be willing. No excuses.

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