Comedian/Dad, Wale Gates Calls Out Northern Nigerian Man Over His Comment: ‘Early marriage is better than early fornication’

Last week, the pre-wedding photos of a teenage couple who got married yesterday, April 14th, in Sokoto state, surfaced online. The groom is reported to be 17-year-old and his bride, Aisha, 15.

Reports have it that the latest husband simply identified as Aliyu is following his family tradition of marrying early as male children in his family marry at the age of 17, while the female ones marry at 15.

However, in extreme cases, the male children marry at the age of 19. The tradition was allegedly embraced to prevent them from fornicating and also to allow them see their grandchildren.

The viral photos, as expected have led to mixed reactions on social media. While many condemned the union, a particular northerner on twitter, Abubakar Hidima, stated that early marriage is good and that parents should support their children to get married early as it is better than early fornication.

@RealOilsheikh tweeted:

”Early marriage is better than early fornication. Support your children to get married early if you can afford. You will help their life in this world and hereafter.”

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However, Nigerian Comedians and dad to a beautiful girl, Wale Gates who found the tweet very offensive called out the man, saying children should be allowed to grow and not forced into an early marriage.

Wale Gates and daughter

Wale tweeted:

”175 people RTed this nonsense ????????‍♂️????????‍♂️????????‍♂️Early Marriage doesn’t stop fornication or sleeping around.

“Support your children (barely educated teenagers with no jobs) to get married early if you can afford it” ????. And to those who can’t? ????????‍♂️ Sell them off to an old man that can? ????????‍♂️???? ”.

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See the rest of their exchange below;


“Someone in your shoes shouldn’t challenge anyone’s opinion or what he or she chooses to do with his or her life. That you can type whatever nonsense from your phone doesn’t make you the owner of everyone’s opinion or way of life. When I choose to give out my daughter at this age”


“It will be wise not to bring your daughter into this conversation because it can go south every fast. You have a brain at least engage it.”


“You don’t have a brain, not at all. If you have one, you won’t see what I want to do as nonsense because I am calling any idiot from the Wale’s to come & be part of this. Take your lane and allow people live their lives.”


“Allow people live their lives by encouraging or forcing children with no means and responsibility to marry. Dude! Don’t you see the contradiction in your statement.”


”Now it is out of your thickness that you’re imagining “forcing” here. Encouraging, YES PLEASE. Not just encouraging, even sponsoring it. And with my money ???? & not that from your MC proceeds. Many of these children end up better couples than millions of you. Live with it.

Wale, that you are a nonsense or born out of a nonsense system doesn’t mean what others believe or work with is nonsense. How the hell do you think you are? Who tells you that you have a single right to challenge what someone has as an opinion? You are very stupid.”

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Photo credit: Nazbeen/Twitter

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