See How Twitter Went Abuzz After A Feminist Advised On How To Handle A Cheating Hubby

A Nigerian feminist recently made a statement on Twitter which has got many people thinking.

The woman identified as Chivie on Twitter said that married women should cheat on their husbands with finer, younger men who have everything their hubbies might be lacking.

The woman who identifies herself as a Misandrist and occasional man-eater, went on to say that when the men question their actions, these women should simply point out the flaws of their spouses to them – the pot bellies, bald head and the glitches in their love lives.

According to Chivie, it would be good if men felt more humiliated by their cheating wives just like women feel when cheated upon.

See her thread below:

”I need married women to cheat more. With younger, finer men. And when their husbands try to complain, they point out his pot belly, bald head, and 2mins sex.

Make him step up his game and hit the gym. Oho! I need women to cheat in situations where the man has everything to lose more than she does. I wish more married men were humiliated by their cheating wives.”

In another thread, she wrote:

”They aren’t cheating enough. I need married women to cheat more. Especially powerful women and women with nothing to lose if they cheat. Famous women etc.

Ladies, if you want to date an ugly man, make sure you remind him of his unattractiveness before he gets to confident. Let him be a little insecure, so that he’ll over compensate in other areas such as money, affection or sex.”

Do you agree with her?

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Many Nigerians, especially the men did not find Chivie’s statement very funny; they lambasted her for making such an utterance. See some of their reactions below:

A man, Nikster commented:

”Hey. Fuck you. People can change for the better when they are made aware of their issues in a way that evokes urgency. If someone hears you out, doesn’t better themselves, and you have to cheat on them so they can improve then both THEM and YOU are terrible people.”

Another man wrote:

”The future is men not getting married Y’all be meant for reproduction purposes That’s all.

She is very frustrated and must be a prostitute, any gullible woman who follow her advice and cheat her husband will lose her marriage, both spiritually and physically at the end of the day.

Secondly, No man ever respects a divorced woman, men always use them as a sex toy, be you rich or poor, slim or fat. Divorced women hardly found a loyal male lover like the first husband. Women has big disadvantage when divorced.

Men are men, woman should respect men because GOD knows the reason he made man to be head both spiritually, physically, mentally and materially. If marriage is one man one woman, billions of women in the world will be virgins until their old age and no man will ever marry them. Women should respect men.”

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One Simprimoo added:

”When will feminists stop to offer this lazy tick for tack solutions? perhaps u should also encourage women to beat their husbands? gymnistic reasoning.”

Another man wrote:

”Cheat on your husband and lose your marriage, the man will marry another woman probably better than you in every field of life.

And then be ready for the real heart break from men, they will only want to fuck you and leave, men always fears divorced women, they will only fuck and leave.

Once a woman divorced, he hardly found a loyal man. Every men will come and go, no man will be proud of you, before she knows it, she has fuck everyone in town and reduce her respect.

When you marry, you do. It. You sha get mama, and I hope you get female siblings, give dem this advise nobody go hold you. Werey.”

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One Musa commented:

”I pray your husband cheats on you with younger finer girls and tell you to step up you game. It would make sense if most married women didn’t look like whales and hippos. How many young guys are attracted to married women bar the odd exception here and there

“Ashawo” “Prostitute” tool of women suppression.

Nigeria is Hellish! ASHAWO

PMB is Failing! ASHAWO

People are Dying! ASHAWO

No Money in Circulation! ASHAWO

! ASHAWO Your ancestors called our mothers same, today the children sing it HEAR WORD!

Women will NOT be cowed.

When men are oppressed, it is a tragedy. When women are oppressed, it is tradition.”

”Most men cannot take one-tenth of what they dish out. I don’t understand why it’s okay for a man to do it but as soon as the woman is returning him in his coins, arms are up in the air. If as a man, you value fidelity, be ready to give it.”

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