Man, Echezona Enebeli, Explains Why Men Must Prevent Women From Becoming More Successful Than Them

A Nigerian man, Echezona Enebeli on Facebook has advised men to ensure that women never become more successful than them. Echezona, who described himself as a “family man, loving husband, dotting father, jovial and generous” said he is unable to fathom how “women of nowadays” ditch culture and attempt to emasculate men by expecting them to help with domestic chores and particularly kitchen related ones.

The aggrieved man alleged that a woman’s character is never truly known until she begins to earn more than her man. He continued to say the word “submission” does not exist in the dictionary of successful women and called on his fellow men to remedy the situation by ensuring they block their women from ever becoming more successful than them.

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Echezona did encourage men to support the women in their lives but warned against doing so to the point that the woman becomes richer than the man.

Read his actual words below:

“You can never know the true color of a woman until she starts making more money than her man….. she will even expect the man’s entire family to be worshiping her..

The word ‘SUBMISSION’ does not exist in the dictionary of a successful woman…

Therefore….umunwoke ibem…..the antidote for the above scenario is not to ever allow your wife to be more successful than you…..

Support her…yes… but dont ever allow her to be richer than you…”

In a separate post, he criticized women who expect their husbands to do domestic chores, writing: 

“Women of nowadays have really lost it…..
How could a well brought up woman…who knows the values of tradition and the place of the man in the family…expect her husband to be involved in domestic chores…especially in the kitchen department…….
What are the women of this generation turning our men into…..???

“I really dont get it….”

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See screenshots below:

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