Twitter User, Bolanle Cole, Narrates Dicey Story Of A Nigerian Pastor Who Is Considering A Divorce

Wonders they say never end! A Twitter user, Bolanle Cole, set other users of the app in motion for a debate to help an anonymous Nigerian pastor figure out the best line of action for him after he made a disturbing discovery about his marriage. The unnamed pastor according to the story was involved in a fatal automobile accident that claimed the lives of the other occupants of the vehicle he was in, he survived but after eleven long months at the hospital.

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According to the narration, the pastor claimed that post recovery, doctors announced to him that he was sterile and would not be able to father children of hi own. He took the news in good faith and devoted himself to his Christian faith, becoming a pastor thereafter.

Years down the line, he met the woman who is now his wife but he kept mum about his inability to father a child. To his amazement, six years into their marriage, his wife delivered ‘their’ first child and went ahead to have two more.

The man in the eye of the storm said knowing what he knew, he secretly took all three children for a DNA test and his suspicions were confirmed.

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Irked by his perceived hypocrisy of his wife, the man of God said his wife  is a pretender who goes about preaching fidelity to young women. He is set to confront her and possibly get a divorce but he has no idea how to go about it.

Read his full story below:

MY WIFE DOES NOT KNOW THAT I KNOW. I have been married for 14years ‘we’ have 3kids(all boys) but none of them belongs to me. I know this for a fact but my wife does not know that I know. Let me explain. #AThread#

5years before I met my wife, I was involved in a car accident together with two of my friends. We were traveling from Kasoa to Madina and our car skidded off the road.

I was the only survivor of that accident, my friends died.

I spent about 11months at the hospital and that left me with a condition that says I can’t have children. I gave my life to Jesus Christ and became a committed Christian after the incident.

See screenshots below:
What would you advise?

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