American Model, Blac Chyna Reflects On Difficult Moments From Her Past: ‘I’ve been humiliated & discredited as a mom’

As she reflects on difficult moments from her past, mother-of-two, Blac Chyna is ready to make positive changes in her future.

In a passionate open letter she posted to Instagram on Monday, the reality star revealed that she’s been ‘bullied, humiliated and manipulated’ as a mother.

While she takes responsibility for some of the pain she has caused, the 30 year old model (real name Angela Renee White) who shares son King Cairo, 6½, with ex Tyga and daughter Dream Renée, 2, with ex Rob Kardashian, said that she is now “working to be the best” version of herself.

Chyna also promised her fans that she’d be more open, hinting the ‘perspective’ of her from the media and people closest to her hasn’t been accurate.

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”Growth is painful. Change is painful. But, nothing is as painful as being where you do not belong! #newbeginnings,” she said in the caption of her Instagram post.

“Over the last couple of years, you guys have been given a perspective of who I am from the media and people closest to me. I’ve been Bullied, Humiliated, Manipulated, and Discredit as a mom!

Looking back at a lot of my actions, I’m reflecting and realizing that confusion is a serious thing. Of course, I’m not proud of some of the pain I have caused, and I’m working to be the best me.

Blac Chyna doesn’t define Angela White as a person. At 30, I am overwhelmed by the blessings I have being a mother of two amazing children.

I don’t talk on things often but I promise to give you guys more of me. Angela White perspective. Thank you for years of endless love. Your support for me is a blessing.”

For the past few years, Chyna has had a rather tumultuous journey. Since Chyna and her second baby daddy, Rob split in February 2017, their relationship has continued to make headlines — including her ongoing legal battle with the Kardashian family.

Chyna sued Rob and his family in October 2017, arguing that she suffered “significant damages” after her ex’s social media rampage that summer, in which he shared graphic and expletive-ridden content about her — including three naked photos — while accusing her of drug/alcohol abuse and infidelity.

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She also recently resolved a custody dispute with Rob, where they agreed he will stop paying her over $20,000 a month in maintenance.

Despite their tumultuous relationship, Rob and Chyna are continuing to co-parent their little girl together.

At the end of February, Rob addressed the current custodial agreement between him and his ex-fiancée, revealing the two are sharing responsibilities when it comes to Dream.

“Angela and I are both actively co-parenting and there are no pending or active custody cases. Angela the mother of my child whom I have a wonderful relationship with decided to drop the child support case because she felt it was in the best interest of our daughter,” he wrote on Twitter in March.

Reports of her wanting to have drinks was totally false and her being late was in reference to a prior meeting concerning our daughter. Please stop creating all these falsehoods concerning Angela and I,” he tweeted.

Chyna responded to the tweet, writing,

“Robert and I [sic] only concern is what’s in the best interest of our daughter that we both equally love. Additionally, Robert is a wonderful father to our Dreamy!”

Photo credit: Blac Chyna Instagram

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