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Dear MIMsters: Is This Enough Reason For Me To Walk Away From my Fiancé?

My story is a bit lengthy but I will attempt to keep it brief. Please read and tell me if this is enough reason for me to walk away from my fiancé.

I have been in a relationship for 6 years now, and like everyone else, I know that relationships are unique and misunderstandings are a natural part of them. Bearing that in mind, my fiance and I make sure to settle whatever arguments we may have within 24 or 48 hours maximum.

However, I have a sister who was never in support of this relationship from inception because in the past, my fiance was an apprentice at one of my aunt’s husband’s shop. He is well known to my family as a result of this.

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At the time that he was serving my in-law as an apprentice, my sister and I were classmates and still in secondary school. She use to call me senseless and rebuked me for dating an apprentice who had nothing to offer me. The news of our relationship got to my mum and his boss, so he was sent away from work. I was severely beaten at home and my phone was taken from me as I was still in secondary school.

My sister did not hide how happy she was with the way things turned out between us at the time, but I continued to nurture my relationship with this guy through text messages at a phone call vendor’s shop. I would go to the woman’s shop to read his messages and also send mine, he told me they stopped feeding him at home and he had to join some guys to get what to eat. I was sad about that but our relationship continued to wax strong.

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A little time passed and he was accompanied by some elders to go beg his boss for forgiveness. He also promised to have nothing to do with me going forward. He resumed work again but we continued dating secretly. On one fateful day, he came to the street before ours just to see me since we had not seen in  months. We were at the back of a car talking when my sister saw us. We greeted her and she answered as if nothing happened but went home to tell my mum and he was sent away from work and this time from home as well because his parents rejected him. I was scolded severely as well.

Till this moment, he has been unable to complete his apprenticeship with this same boss of his but now has his own shop where he sells and repairs air conditioners. His business isn’t doing so well but he is pushing it, while he and my sister still do not see eye to eye. He has made efforts, but my sister has remained loathsome of him; she does not greet him nor does she respond to his greetings. When I took him to her place to visit her, she didn’t even offer him a seat, he had to remain standing till we finished our discussion.

Yesterday, my sister went out wearing my shoe and this led to an argument and this is how it happened. I was checking my sister’s Whatsapp status in which she was with my cousins swimming. I showed my boyfriend the status and another post came up in which my sister was wearing my shoe.

Immediately my boyfriend saw the shoes, he flared up and called my sister to warn her never to ever try that again (that was not her first time of wearing my things). He had warned me to stop her from doing so but I have no idea exactly how to. I should mention, he buys my clothes, shoes, and bags with his money.

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When he hung up, my sister called me but I didn’t pick up, my mum called him to warn him, and she called me too but I didn’t pick up because I was scared. My sister’s fiance then called him to rain curses on him and he returned back the curses and they both ended up threatening themselves. I was angry with him for not respecting me and I couldn’t go home but went to my friend’s place.

I think I should end this relationship because my sister has consistently and vehemently opposed my relationship with this guy, and my mum would do her wish because she is her favourite child. Is this enough reason to end my relationship with him?

Please help me I need your sincere advice, please put yourself in my shoes!

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