Dear MIMsters: My Childhood Friend Is Choking Me Badly

I have a childhood friend who currently choking me badly and I need help. She is very loud and wild but I accepted her for who she is. Back in our university days, she use to have lots of money made from her escapades with different men, but she was extremely stingy to me.

Good a thing that I learnt how to be independent early enough and would rather sell garri than beg. This girl would come back from her escapades with lots of money and assorted foods and would eat them all alone. She would say that she can’t sleep with a man and share the proceeds with me and I cared less. I was dating my husband back then and he practically had nothing. She told me then that I was ‘attracted to poverty’ and we practically fought that day.

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Forward to 11 years later, she got married twice and it failed. I’m now married and as God would have it my husband is doing very well. Coincidentally, she got a job in a town where I reside with my husband, a job that isn’t constant, and pays barely 50k when she works in a full month. I was happy when she told me as she had a son to cater for. She was living with her sister in the said town. This is a sister she practically gave her all to when the going was good, so she said.

Out of the blues, she called me up one day crying saying the job has been off for a month and she had nothing to eat and her sister was maltreating her.

For old time sake, I called her, gave her food and some money and she left. And then, I started hearing all the evil things she was saying about me. They were lies on how she used to feed my husband and I while we were dating and that now that we have money, we have refused to help her. She said my husband does fetish things to make money and all. I was shocked and wanted to confront her but my husband insisted I ignore her, saying, “she’s frustrated, let it go…”
Three weeks ago, she called me on the phone, crying that her sister had chased her out of her home and that she has nowhere else to go. She said she that had one hundred thousand Naira and was trying to raise another one hundred thousand to rent a place. She said she meanwhile, she needed somewhere to stay until she was able to get the money. I talked to my husband about it and he immediately gave me a one hundred thousand Naira for her.
It’s almost a month now and she has refused to leave my home. Meanwhile, this woman is extremely lazy and dirty. I’m 9 months pregnant with a child who is less than 2 years old, yet she offers little or no support, instead, she makes things harder for me. I go to work, and I return home to cook and clean, while she works three times in a week.

I need your advice on how to get her out of my home without a fight because our mothers are friends and I am trying to be civil? I’m being badly choked.

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  • Call her and tell to pack out of your house and go wbd use the money you gave her to rent her apartment, buy while doing this, make you you are prayerful and makevsure you have other people paying for you too bcos who knows she might be diabolical. Wish you save delivery in Jesus name

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