Leah Sharibu: See Why Nigerians Have Resumed Fresh Agitations For The Release Of The Schoolgirl

After the Nigerian government, yesterday, secured the release of Zainab Aliyu, following her arrest in December by the  Saudi government, Nigerians have resumed fresh agitations and are clamouring for the same energy to be given to efforts to free Leah Sharibu, the schoolgirl who was abducted by the menacing terrorist group Boko Haram in February 2018.

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Other students, all female, abducted by the terror group were later released following concerted efforts by the government, but strong-willed Leah, who refused to denounce her Christian faith while in abduction as the other girls was not released by the group. The outcry for her release came from home and abroad, still Leah remains in captivity and her true condition remains vague.

Following Zaynab’s release, Nigerians are asking the government if some people are more important than others and why the same sense of urgency to free Zainab has not been applied in Leah’s case.

The Northern State chapter of the  Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN),  has also suggested that Leah’s continued ordeal and Zainab’s freedom is proof of the government’s religious bias, still many Nigerians opine that there are differences in the cases and that a terrorist group is different from an organised government.

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The public relations officer of CAN, Mr Joseph Hayes,  in a statement released yesterday said :

CAN Northern states rejoices with the parents of Zainab Aliyu and the government of our country for securing her release after she was arrested and detained in Saudi Arabia for allegations of drug trafficking.

It is sad that many innocent Nigerians are suffering for a crime they know nothing about. This prompt effort by government is commendable and should be sustained for all and in the future, because this is what we want to see from our leaders in this country.

But as we rejoice about this development, we are also compelled to ask this important question: Are all Nigerians equal or some are more equal than others?

We are aware that many innocent citizens of our country have been arrested, some killed and others are still in detention; but we have not heard any directives from Mr. President to his Attorney General to take action about them with this kind of urgency.

If we want our citizens to be proud of their government and country, then we need to show equal concern about what happens to everyone in this country. We cannot also celebrate the release of Zainab and forget Leah Sharibu who did not commit any crime but has been in captivity for over a year now.

We, therefore, appeal to President Buhari to direct his security agencies to double their efforts and get Leah released and reunited with her parents. Leah, too, wants to enjoy the protection of her leaders”.

Former presidential aide to president Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri opined same; as did many other Nigerians on social media.

See screenshot below:

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