How Nigerian Celebrities Reacted To Tonto Dikeh’s Latest Outburst Against Ex-Husband, Churchill Olakunle Oladunni 

In the wake of Tonto Dikeh‘s series of explosive interviews where she dragged her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill, Nigerian celebrities have taken to social media to air their views. While some offered her advise, many slammed her for washing the dirty linens of her ex, with whom she has kid, in public.

In her tell-it-all interview, the divorced mom-of-one alleged her ex had pre-mature ejaculation disease and never stayed inside a woman for more than 40 seconds. She went on to reveal that he’s a scam, Yahoo boy. She further disclosed that she once caught him on red pant and with red candles performing rituals at night (read more here).

“The beginning of the relationship, I never suspected him of cheating because he has a disease, a sexual disease, it is called premature ejaculation. He can’t stay inside a woman for more than 40 seconds. My son was the longest sex, one minute.

After I came back from giving birth to my son, I had been suspecting that he was into Yahoo…before I even came back to Nigeria I had already begun to suspect but the only thing that made me confirm was the night that he wasn’t supposed to home and I slept early because of my son.

And I heard some noise in his room because he’s in the penthouse and my room is under. So, I heard a noise upstairs, nobody was supposed to be in that room.

I opened up this room, I saw a full-grown man wearing a red cloth in his waist with red candles everywhere around him with a laptop in his hands. Immediately I saw that I was shocked, I was simply shocked.

I was not scared but I was shocked. I just started laughing and he got me and that was one of the first fights we had after I had King”.

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The interview which has gone viral didn’t sit well with some celebrities like Basket Mouth, Funny Bone, IK Ogbonna, Funke Adesiyan, Reno Omokri and many more who took to social media to air their views.

Below are their reactions:

Comedian Funny Bone wrote:


Actor and dad-of-two, IK Ogbonna added:

”While breaking the internet think of your pikin. To whom it may concern.”

Just like everyone who has made a comment against her videos, Tonto was fast to attack him. In response, Tonto threatened Ogbonna to expose him if he continues to interfere in her matter. She shared on her story;

“You know say na we wey dey industry know you wella! Make I no talk on top your matter bros, e go bad!! I no be that pinky gurl, This one you go sue sue and na only you go tire!! Free my matter as I dey free yours..”

The controversial actress then took a screenshot of the message and shared it with a caption;

“@ikogbonna Think about your son and how this fallout will affect him!! Cause I am a no hold back kinda sis my brother!! #E go bad #cause I don wan talk since you sue that girl but i just calm #my own is i will sue you back and demand for tour butt x-ray #Dont play with me ik And IK don’t EVER mention my son again. “

Actress, Funke Adesiyan reacted saying Tonto is a disgrace to womanhood.

”Some partners are toxic. Their toxicity will destroy you, your core and your existence. May God not let us fall victims of “oloriburuku” partners. Amen. #disgracetowomanhood. Don’t know why it’s difficult for her to move on.”

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Tonto fired back, threatening to give her a broken nose when they both meet in public. In reaction, Funke called Tonto a depressed woman who hangs unto every straw of attention to remain relevant. She wrote:

”@tontolet I want to believe you don’t mean it when you said you’d break my face. I weigh 110kg of solid body muscle darling. I have a black belt in Taekwondo (ask around). However, I don’t fight unnecessary people. I pick my fights and ignore little people thus you not hearing my name here and there.

I’ll tell you what I think of you, you are a depressed woman who hangs unto every straw of attention to remain relevant. True relevance come only when you stop seeking validation from people. You say you don’t care about what people think of you but it’s a big fat lie. You do care. That is the reason you grant countless interviews about your ex.

My dear, there’s so much you can become without the shadow of your ex. Break free and abound. The future is so big. One advice for you, don’t come for me when you see me, you’d be sorry.
P.s my only response to you.”

Comedian, Basket Mouth stated that the internet needs to start checking the mental wellness of its users before allowing them to upload contents.

Author and lawyer, Reno Omokri joins the numerous celebrities with a tweet that reads;

“Never wash the dirty linens of your ex, with whom you have kids, in public. You think you are devaluing them. You are partly right. But beyond them, you also devalue your children. A child’s value is INEXTRICABLY linked to the value of their parents.”

Actress Daniella Okeke on her own part stated that with the level of drama experienced on social media, one doesn’t need to subscribe for cable TV anymore.

”Content everywhere I can’t even keep up. With the kind of drama going on on social media, no need to pay for my DSTV anymore. All I need is data or WIFI and am good.”

Wading into the whole brouhaha is actress, Nkechi Blessing who prayed she never comes across the kind of man who will deceive her into marriage like Tonto Dikeh claims she was.

She also called out those calling Tonto an attention-seeker by reminding them that their husband beats them at home.


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