UPDATE: Chris Attoh’s Late Wife, Bettie Jenifer, May Have Married Him Illegally

Updates from the investigations into the murder of Bettie Jenifer, the wife of Ghanaian actor Chris Attoh who was killed in Maryland USA, by the Greenbelt Police Department has revealed that Bettie who was shot dead while leaving her office on Friday, May 10th (read here), was married to two men, one of whom is a notorious drug lord currently serving a 20-year jail term.

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According to the police, Bettie was still legally married to 47-year-old Kedrick Jenifer, who is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence for importing large amounts of cocaine into Baltimore from Texas.

Kedrick ran a drug trafficking organization that distributed at least 450kg of cocaine in Baltimore and Woodbridge, Virginia.

The drug lord and Bettie were not divorced before she went on to marry Chris in a ceremony that happened in October last year. The police says Kedrick filed for a divorce on April 9th this year. Bettie Jenifer then filed for divorce six days later.

Police have not named a suspect or motive in the case.

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