English Singer/ Mom, Frankie Bridge Talks Her Guilt Over Her Sister’s Struggles To Conceive

Singer, Frankie Bridge has opened up on her guilt over having children after her candidly detailed her struggles to conceive.

The singer appeared on This Morning alongside her sister, Victoria Cook, who has previously had three miscarriages, where they discussed Victoria’s decision to open up and post about her loss on Instagram.

30-year-old Frankie who is mum to 5-year-old Parker and 3-year-old Carter, said that she has struggled to find the right words when it comes to comforting her sister because she is already a mum and didn’t want to appear ‘blasé’.

Frankie said during the interview:

”It’s been difficult to know what the right thing is to say wrongly or rightly because I do have two kids. I don’t want to be quite blasé about it. But I know Tor doesn’t feel like that, also she doesn’t want me to feel oh I feel really sorry for you, you’re quite practical. It’s been quite hard.”

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Victoria, on the other hand, revealed that people are usually surprised when she reveals that she has had three miscarriages, as it’s something that’s not widely spoken about.

Victoria, who is also known as Tor, confessed that opening up about her difficult experience via an Instagram post has been like ‘therapy’ for her. She explained:

”I’ve been quite open about talking about it, but I think the response from people is quite hard. If they can tell one person and it’s me then I’m fine with that and I’ve tried to reply to everybody.

I knew people that had one or two miscarriages, but I didn’t know anyone that had three, so when it came to our third it hit home so much.

When I tell people they’re so shocked they can’t believe it. No one really knows much about miscarriages so I was sore at home and I thought I need to talk about it somehow so I wrote it down and then I thought Instagram is the place where I have the most followers.”

She revealed that although she and her sister live in different countries, she has been a huge support to her as she said that the siblings FaceTime ‘all the time’. Victoria, who lives in Bermuda, said:

”The second [miscarriage] happened when I arrived, getting used to a different country, not knowing anybody and registering those things was really hard.”

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Discussing her husband and how he’s been a pillar of support in the journey, she added:

”He is amazing he comes to everything with me he’s so supportive, there’s been no negativity around it at all. Frankie makes a really conscious effort to ask him at all.”

Frankie admitted that she was surprised that she had chosen to be so open about her experiences, as she is usually quite nonchalant about her emotions. The stunning mom confessed:

”I was really shocked she’d chosen to go down that route, she is quite chilled and laid-back with her emotions so although we’re really close, I didn’t really know how to approach her after that.”

Following Frankie’s candid admission, Victoria mentioned her plans and concerns for the future:

”We’re having tests done at the moment, I’m definitely going to go straight back into it and try again. But it definitely leaves you scared and you overthink everything, but obviously in the back of your mind is it gonna happen again.”

Victoria, a freelance recruiter revealed she suffered her third miscarriage in a candid social media post last month, as she urged women to discuss their fertility struggles. She shared a selfie, which was taken on the day she had surgery to end the miscarriage process, as she spoke about her experience.

Praising her sister’s bravery at the time, Frankie shared the post as she encouraged her followers to help and support one another.

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